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COMPARISON SENTENCES ( kalimat perbandingan)

Membandingkan dengan kata sifat ( adjective) atau kata keterangan (Adverb).
 Comparative berarti bentuk adjectiva dan verba yang disesuaikan untuk membandingkan kualitas, kuantitas, perihal, atau sifat satu nomina dengan nomina lain.
 Superlative berarti bentuk adjectiva atau adverbia

Keterangan a. Positive
b. Comparative
c. Superlative

1. Adjective :
a. Good  This is a good hand writing.
b. Better  Your hand writing is better than his hand writing.
c. The Best  it seems that Sudibya hand writing is the best in his class.
2. Adverb :
a. Well  Ronald draw well.
b. Better  He draw better than jojo.
c. The Best  Icha does the best to draw.
3. Adjective :
a. Bad  These bags are bad.
b. Worse  Those bags are worse.
c. The worst  I have thrown out the worst.
4. Adverb :
a. Badly  Ronald treats animal badly.
b. More badly  However dono treats animal more badly than Ronald does.
c. The Most Badly The most badly treatment he did was when tortured a cat to
5. Adjective :
a. Far  A gas station is far from here.
b. Farther (jarak)  Bali is farther than Jogjakarta from Klaten.
Further (hal)  Would you disclose further than what you’ve mentioned?
c. Farthest (jarak)  Banyuwangi is the farthest city toward east.
Furthest (hal)  This is the furthest description that I can give know.
6. Adverb :
a. Far  I don’t want to walk a far.
b. Farther  I don’t want to go farter.
c. Farthest  Thst was the farthest driving I ever did
7. Adjective :
a. little  May you add a little sugar to my coffee?
b.Less  Put less than spoon sugar in my juice.
Lesser  Too much, I need lesser than that.
c. Least  I have the least traveling experience in this family.

8. Adverb :
a. little  The chair move alittle, who who did it?
b. less  Yesterday I worked less than usually.

Referensi :
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Buku paket bahasa inggris SMA.

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